Dorking out at The Club Summit with KWIK Goal

A friend of mine put forth my name as a speaker for a high end, invite only youth soccer conference recently. The speaking topic was marketing your club. I have been receiving more and more of these invites lately, but this was a 45 minute keynote - stepping up!

The trip coincided with my son's 10th birthday and the location was Orlando, can see why I brought him with me! One of things I have held firm on is the ability to have family friendly work environments, this was no different.

Back to the talk! Youth soccer clubs, even the big ones, tend to run as lean as possible. Many are non-profits that rely on club dues to generate revenue and they want to keep those as reasonable as possible for the families. Many times marketing, social media, email and web management falls on the Executive Director (along with about 700 other weekly things).

I shared my direct experience as a youth club marketer, as a professional club marketer and non-profit executive. I had been in the exact trenches these folks are currently in. I feel your pain and I know how to help!

My philosophy of #BatchANDSchedule, as well as my Editorial Calendar Plan are both applicable to these groups.

The talk in front of 200 went well. Received some interest for future client work. Then B and I had a terrific day at the water park! Live, work, play!

Until next time,



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